THE HIT LIST - May 16, 2016

It's time to showcase some more stunt action this week with the return of The Hit List! First and foremost, it's worth pointing out that the latest installation of the Taurus World Stunt Awards were held on Saturday night at the Paramount Theatre in Hollywood, and so we at Film Combat Syndicate would like to offer our congratulations to the winners of this year's ceremomy, including - not limited to - Mad Max: Fury Road (Specialty Stunt, Best Stunt Rigging, Best Stunt Coordinator/2nd Unit), Kingsman: The Secret Service (Best Fight) and Lifetime Achievement Award winner, stunt veteran Andy Armstrong.

All winners among those nominated can be seen as listed by CLICKING HERE. On that note, it's time to get down to business with the latest in stunt and fight reels with Kyle Murillo kicking off the new playlist - Not bad for a beginner! Janelle Beaudry, Simon Li, Monica Lopez, Gavin Perry, Victoria Ortiz, Max Bojorquez and Tempest Freerunning's own Paul "Diddy" Darnell, followed by a fresh new fight coordinator reel by Malay Kim, and a five-minute reel by Chick Bernard over at Stuntconnection, Inc.!

For this segment of promotional gems, director Aaron Sinclair has a teaser for an intriguing new independent dramatic short with actor Travis Landry called The Nightrunner. It's got a poster as well ahead of its SOHO International Film Festival premiere at Village East Cinemas on June 12 with Landry playing an insurance worker by day and an insomniac by night whose only solace is to turn vigilante as a result. Thankfully I came across this teaser when fellow New Yorker and local comedian, co-star Lawson Leong shared it, and being an avid follower as I am of independent action cinema, he now gets debuts his brisk moment of stunts as well. Kudos, Law!

Last but not least, the rollout otherwise continues for the folks behind the hard-hitting new independent Hong Kong action comedy, Unlucky Stars. The film itself is a lasting contemporary homage to the classic tropes of 80's Hong Kong action fans may know and love, as attributed toward many a shortfilm by its debut director, Dennis Ruel, as well as co-star and the film's action director, Vlad Rimburg who you can check out below in a clip from the explosive fight finale facing off against Hollywood stuntman and fight coordinator, Sam Hargrave, among others!

As for this portion, I rarely post music videos, but I caught this one from PeiPei Alena Yuan mutual friend I share with a star of this one from last month via the official YouTube VEVO channel for Alesso. The song is called I Wanna Know, and themed beautifully as a behind-the-scenes look into the day in the life of a stuntman, and with a rather sobering love story to boot. Stuntman Wyatt Carnel is our fall guy in this latest gem and I thought it would add a little something different to the mix I usually bring every week. Enjoy!

Time to finish this last round with some amazing, extensive film content, and firstly with actress Yadi Nieves front and center. Her latest gig comes courtesy of Distinctive Light with Felix Betancourt's latest, One Of Those Days. I've had my eye on this fantastic group for a few months now and the work they put out is continuously entertaining each time, and this latest feat is purely exemplary of that. There's no foley editing with the action, but with a video like this and host to none other than Limp Bizkit as its centerpiece, it doesn't take away from the video in the least, and Nieves's performance here is nothing short of spectacular and full of attitude. Watch, enjoy and try not to drool!

And last but not least, it's now just a matter a time with all else confirmed for The Tank helmer Kellie Madison's newest endeavor The Gate. An official Twitter page is up and running for the film with the latest shortfilm pitch live as of last week, and in ceremonious fashion with rising action star Amy Johnston leading the way as a gifted vigilante and silat fighter whose mission of vengeful sends her straight into the crosshairs of a vicious Indonesian crime lord played by Cecep Arif Rahman.

I mused about it the second it went online on Friday, but I have no qualms about continuing my rant here as its been close to 11 years since I started following the world of online independent action, with Johnston staking her claim much later with groups like Thousand Pounds Action Company. It's been my young life's mission to help perpetuate the gospel about the talent we see online that Hollywood often still misses out on, and it's HUGELY rewarding to see Johnston as the current frontrunner and product of the timing, effort and opportunity that has led to the prospects she has now with two leading roles already under her belt following a growing career in stunts.

Add to this, the clear-cut inspiration Madison herself draws from with shows like Marvel’s Daredevil and the work of Gareth Huw Evans, and you needn't think further than seeing and realizing a good and fruitful thing when it's in front of you. That said, The Gate is right in front of us, as are the fruits of a forthcoming feature film with Johnston set to take the stage once more, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in my full-blown confidence that Madison is going to do everything she has to in order to hold a candle to the greatness of her predecessors. All that's needed now, is our patience, and unending support.

Share yours, and watch The Gate now.

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