The Body Count Rises In The Violent New Trailer For DON'T KILL IT

Leave it to actor Dolph Lundgren to cause a stir with the interwebs by endsoring a hopeful role in 20th Century Fox's forthcoming Marvel sequel, Deadpool 2 as capable. You can look at the latest piece from Nerdist to see what he has to say on it, and he wouldn't be too far off the marker either as he's managed to sustain his relevance as a bonafide action star from a bygone era of R-rated action flicks.

Save for a few Expendables movies though, you would be hard pressed to find him in any where else other than today's limited release circuit. His latest, however, looks pretty appealing in all its badassery with director Mike Mendez at the helm for the carnage on display for the new movie, Don't Kill It, which sees Lundgren as a demon hunter in a rural Alaskan town facing off with a body-hopping evil spirit using its host to committ violent acts of murder.

Needless to say, if you're a Lundgren fan and long for some terrific, genuine action films to enjoy writers Dan Berk and Robert Olsen may have something to offer here as seen in the latest trailer exclusively posted at EW. Sure, a Deadpool 2 run sounds mighty, but Don't Kill It sounds like a good way to help bide our time.


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