Sofia Boutella Enter's Sci-Fi Thriller, GATEWAY 6

Little is known on the plot for debut director Tanel Toom's forthcoming sci-fi epic, Gateway 6, save for a few details. In the meantime, the film is currently drawing up an impressive cast roster which now has Kingsman: The Secret Service co-star, actress Sofia Boutella now starring.

Screendaily reports that Toom will direct from Malachi Smyth's script which sees a military squad stranded on dystopian Earth waiting for relief...or the enemy - whichever comes first. Rounding out the cast so far with Boutella are Jurgen Prochnow, Ed Skrein of Deadpool fame and 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man co-star, Rhys Ifans.

Sentinel Entertainment's own Ben Pullen and Stigma Films's Matthew James Wilkinson will produce with Pippa Cross executive producing, and Allfilm's Ivo Felt and Kick Film's Jörg Bundschuh co-producing. Boutella is currently tapped for appearances in a few big films between now and next year including her starring role as the title villain in The Mummy with Tom Cruise and David Leitch's The Coldest City.

The actress will appear this summer in Justin Lin's Star Trek: Beyond on July 22.


  1. Okay. I was one of five people who saw Kingsmen and Sofia Boutella is an Earth goddess. I’m SO glad her career didn’t stop there.


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