Rangers Unite To Kick Ass In Darker, Moodier, Action-Packed Thriller, THE ORDER

The past week or more have drawn a bit of uproar over a conspicuous looking promotional image in the form of a triangular glyph. That image has been popping up on various respective fan pages of veteran cast members of the various seasons of Ameritoku hit series, Power Rangers, whilst their admins have all but denied any relation between the two.

Of course, that didn't change the fact that something, indeed, was brewing in the background, and it's only this week now that the people behind the forthcoming feature-length action thriller, The Order, are officially pulling the curtain to unveil their agenda. Thus, they've put together a slick, badass sizzle reel to pitch their concept a la crowdsourcing site, Indiegogo, to help raise awareness, as well as funds needed and perks you can earn for your monetary support.

The project itself marks the latest effort from executive producers and co-stars, David Fielding and actress Karan Ashley who co-writes with fellow Devin's Ghost star, actor and Death Grip co-star Johnny Yong Bosch for a story centered on an elite, covert team of specially-trained world peacekeepers who end up gripped at the foot of potential betrayal by one of their own. Stuntman David Wald reunites with Bosch following their shared MMPR history preceding later projects like Sakamoto Koichi's Wicked Game (a.k.a. Extreme Heist), Wald's 2009 directorial debut, Hellbinders, and the long-awaited action thriller, Love Like Bullets.

Also starring among our leading cast is actor Austin St. John whose post-television history as an EMT paramedic and firefighter now accompanies his return to the field of entertainment following his most recent effort, Survival's End. Pre-production is slated to commence later this year through 2017 with the goal of otherwise completing the film at the behest of enduring fans who have followed in line with the MMPR fanbase for more than 20 years.

I could go on forever (and may as well) about how exciting this opportunity is. Deep down inside, I've always felt that many of the athletically talented cast members who've appeared on Rangers in some capacity have always had the potential for greatness in projects outside of suit acting and kids' entertainment, because there's another side to action cinema that could definitely appeal to many of the fans who have grown up since then.

Thus, with the existence of the aforementioned films above, including Sakamoto's highly underrated, undersold, and unfairly treated revenge martial arts action flick, Broken Path, clearly a film like The Order is EXACTLY what is in order. The fans want it, and I want it. So, I say head over to the official Indiegogo site, watch the electrifying sizzle trailer and donate, and forget about saying "It's Morphin Time". We are WAY past that!


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