Mitsutake's KARATE KILL Lands A Sick New Poster

Yes, by all means, bask in the newly invigorated hopes of what looks to be another awesomely put together martial arts revenge thriller with Mitsutake Kurando's new movie, Karate Kill. The most recent teaser was unveiled back in February featuring Hayate in the lead, and to much avail for fans who have grown fond of his work since Samurai Avenger and last year's super sexy, gory and brutal trigger thriller, Gun Woman starring Asami.

Now, the film is moving forward, bound for its stake in the festival circuit in the coming months and Twitchfilm has presented the first official poster-art, erected by acclaimed artist Tom "The Dude Designs" Hodge. Hayate, from Mitsutake's script, takes the mantle in his feature film debut as Kenji, a lone, vengeful Karate master who ventures out to L.A. in  search of his missing sister.

Rounding out the cast are Mitsutake veterans, Asami and Gun Woman villain, Noriaki Kamata, along with Jeffrey James Lippold from Samurai Avenger. Actresses Mana Sakura, Carlee Baker and wrestling favorite Katarina Leigh Waters, and actors Kitamura Akihiro (The Human Centipede) and David Sakurai (Liza, the Fox Fairy and Dark Samurai) also star.


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