Get A Glimpse Of Aaron Kwok On Wheels In 'A Hard Day' Remake, PERPETRATORS

Somewhere in the Malaysia these days is actor Aaron Kwok in the role of a dirty cop on a desperate mission to redeem himself. Such is the plot that now sets the stage new film, Perpetrators, a remake of the 2014 South Korean cop thriller, A Hard Day with Sweet Alibis helmer Lien Yi-Chi directing.

Asian Film Strike managed to snag a photo a la Chinese media which you can view below. Time will tell what else rolls out in pictorals but you can expect Brotherhood Of Blades co-star Wang Qianyuan to take the podium as the corrupt superior Kwok will be facing by the film's release. Stay tuned for more info!


  1. Watched A Hard Day right after I read the write up here & absolutely loved it! Looking forward to this now. Thanks & please keep sharing updates :) Any new updates on Headshot..?

    1. When there are, I'll be sure to post. In the meantime, you might be keen on the new GIVEAWAY I've just launched today. ;-)


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