Feel The BURN In Luke Lee's Indiegogo For Singapore's First Action Thriller

Call it what you will, but it hasn't been that long since I resurrected one of Malaysian filmmaker James Lee's action concepts, Second Life, as a Hit List entry last month. It's one of several projects included in Lee's Doghouse 73 Pictures catalogue which includes a heavy population of conceptual projects that look cleverly well done and appealing enough for some serious studio dedication with the right people in company.

In sum, it's been a blast following Lee's work so far as he's since continued to keep his craft sharp in a number of genres since then, from action and sci-fi to romance and horror - you name it. He's definitely not a monolith when it comes to storytelling, and so I'm of the opinion that he's earned himself a noteworthy shot this month that deserves all the support it can get. Suffice to say, that shot now welcomes us back to the action genre by way of Singapore with the Indiegogo campaign for the new action movie, Burn.

Singaporean actor and producer Luke Lee is advancing the movement to help earn the $200,000+ for the film in conjunction with its larger budget, with funds attainable only through U.S. currency. The film is the latest move for the young local talent who can be seen in the first two installments of helmer Jack Neo's Ah Boys To Men trilogy, prior to attaining his Law Degree with Honors from the UK's University Of Manchester where he spent the remainder of his time on campus writing the film.

On top of Lee's own longtime experience in Karate, the production has also granted itself quite the caliber for its casting with actress Pamelyn Chee and actors Keagan Kang and Paul Foster - all tethered with martial arts experience of their own which should bode well for the film's action director, Jennifer Phillips (300, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Salt). With this, the film's production schedule is currently stamped for July with locations slated for Singapore along with Malaysia, Canada and the North America prior to a hopeful release by February 2017. Of course, the process could take longer if the funds come up short while the team behind Burn presses on to help deliver Singapore's first martial arts movie.

BURN revolves around a former hitman, Shen (Luke Lee), who is betrayed by his former boss Sebastian (Adrian Pang – in talks), the head of a vast criminal empire. Shen embarks on a one-man crusade against time to exact his revenge on Sebastian. In the fight for power, Damien (Keagan Kang), the ruthless head of a rival syndicate tries to claim the city as his own, and a full-scale war ensues between the two crime lords. Shen encounters many defeats along the way and soon realizes that defeating Sebastian may not be as easy as it seems. Will Shen overcome his fear or perish in the fire?
Lee's lndiegogo is host to a plethora of content and info, including a teaser he's managed to put together through his own financing. Check it out below and kindly head over to the campaign site with more details on notworthy perks and how to support Burn!


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