DREDD Fan Series, CURSED EDGE, To Get A Feature-Length Release

It's been nearly four years since the hugely under appreciated adaptation of the 2000 A.D. sci-fi property with Pete Travis's Dredd 3D sunk at the box office. The call for a direct sequel still a hopeless but otherwise unified and deafening with hopes for a segway into Netflix territory burning in the hopeful minds of loyal fans who have since campaigned to no end.

That group is one you can certainly lump UK filmmaker Oliver Hollingdale in as he's proven himself to be one of the most avowed fans to date, staking his claim in an inspired webseries in the last several years. Indeed, legal specifics have impeded most filmmakers while Hollingdale has gracefully found his own avenues which have thusfar garnered him an audiece with Cursed Edge, which places itself amid the side stories of other judges in the Dredd universe.

Five parts are currently online which you can view below, although you may be keen on what's to come in a new feature-length cut with certain scenes added, reshot, trimmed or other. The tone overall is very much loyal to that of the 2012 film which starred actor Karl Urban who himself is a current and major proponent of the Dredd movement.

Surely, we may have reason to hope and even possibly believe Netflix or those with the right authority can resurrect Urban's memorable Mega City One's most feared lawman. Surely, I do. In the meantime, it's safe to say we can all leave our fandom in Hollingdale's hands as he's done well for himself and those watching.

Check out the theatrical trailer for Cursed Edge below and stay tuned for more info.


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