Chan Is All Tied-Up In New Posters For SKIPTRACE

The most recent Chinese trailer seen above for director Renny Harlin's latest, Skiptrace, began going viral several weeks ago despite the last several seconds of pertinent footage being cut. That footage you will get to see in the trailer above which outlines some of lead actor and action star Jackie Chan's memorable titles, including Police Story and CZ12.

At any rate, the full trailer's availability marks the latest step in the elongated campaign for the film's promotion following what would have been its release last year before being ultimately pushed back. As it stands, the film is now headed for a July 22 release and for this, new posters are continuing the rollout ahead of then featuring Chan who plays detective to Johnny Knoxville's con artist as the two are forced to pair up on a mission to save Chan's niece, played by Fan Bingbing from an elusive crimeboss. You might guess the whole story goes awry and turns into a globetrotting romp, and so what better way to invoke this in new posters than to show Chan, all tied up precariously and whatnot?

The film is one in several coming soon with Chan's name attached, including the tentatively-titled The Foreigner from STX Entertainment, Stanley Tong's KungFu Yoga and Ding Sheng's Railroad Tigers, while the actor continues his latest Russian/Chinese endeavor, Viy 2 and preps his forthcoming return to Australia in the new film, Bleeding Steel.

Saban Films will release Skiptrace in the U.S. in the coming months. Check out the new posters below until then.

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