Antics Ensue In The New Trailer For Wong Jing's MISSION MILANO

Actor Andy Lau will be someone to keep an eye on this year, particularly if you're curious about his international appeal with the Matt Damon epic, The Great Wall opening later this year. In the meantime, he's recently come off appearing in director Wong Jing's third From Vegas To Macau 3 installation and now he's featured in the latest trailer for Jing's newest action comedy, Mission Milano.

The film was announced back in March as one of a slate of pictures on the to-do list for Warner Bros.'s Asian production shingle, Flagship Entertainment. Lau joins actor Huang Xiaoming in the respective roles of an inspector sent to help a wealthy entrepreneur who goes incognito to prevent a new famine-ending invention from falling into the wrong hands.

The latest trailer is finally making the rounds with a release date pending. Check it out below!


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