Anchor Bay Announces Epic Action Thriller, VIGILANTE DIARIES For Theatrical Release Next Month!

It's probably the best news in the world at this point for all the energy I've put into following the work of filmmaker Christian Sesma. Though my timing was off between the debut of my blog and Sesma's then-efforts toward the action-packed hyper violent webseries, Vigilante Diaries, I pretty much came just in time to watch and observe with the rest of the crowd in the last several years as the maverick filmmaker evolved the project from its embryonic status as an online product to a fully fledged feature film.

Thus, we are now about to get our hands filthy as glorious fuck with the film's officially announced release theatrical, iTunes and VoD, and DVD releases, respectively dated for June 24 and July 5. For this, we have to thank CineTel Films for shopping this puppy around as long as they have before finally landing it at Anchor Bay Entertainment, and with nothing short of a promising and thrilling action movie endeavor from a hard-hitting crew, and a stellar cast. 

Yes, dare I say all this and more with gusto; I haven't even seen the film, but I've seen two of Sesma's latest, including The Nightcrew which easily drew me in. For action fans alike, Vigilante Diaries will all but achieve the same, and I wholeheartedly welcome anyone reading this to go support this one one the big screen without question.
Anchor Bay Entertainment will release the action-comedy film VIGILANTE DIARIES in select theaters and on iTunes on June 24, and On Demand, DVD and Blu-ray on July 5. 
The film features an all-star ensemble cast led by Paul Sloan (I Am Wrath, The Night Crew), Quinton "Rampage" Jackson (A-Team, UFC Light Heavyweight Champ), action icon Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight, Kill Bill, Black Dynamite), Jason Mewes (Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back) and Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill).  The film is directed by Christian Sesma (Shoot the Hero) from a script co-written by Christian Sesma and Paul Sloan. 
SYNOPSIS: Jason Mewes stars as an in-your-face filmmaker known for his web videos of an urban avenger known only as ‘The Vigilante’ (Paul Sloan). But when The Vigilante terminates a creep with deep connections, it’ll trigger a live-feed bloodbath between the Armenian mob, Mexican cartels, a rogue team of Special Forces commandos, and an international black ops conspiracy that’s about to make things very personal. UFC legend Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Michael Jai White, Jaqueline Lord, WWE star Sal ‘Chavo’ Guerrero, Jr., James Russo and Michael Madsen co-star in this explosive throwback packed with badass swagger, hardcore firepower and bone-crunching action. 
VIGILANTE DIARIES is based off the popular web series on that ran from 2013-2014.  The show was driven by fans, in a unique episodic-funding model, where the money spent by viewers to view the first two episodes, would go towards funding subsequent episodes.


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