Affleck's THE ACCOUNTANT Gets A New Poster

Warrior helmer Gavin O'Connor's newest for Warner Bros., The Accountant, has something notably going for itself with actor Ben Affleck starring in the title role. With his proclivity toward action stardom as of late, he's the new face of Batman which is definitely something that ought keep the doors open for the actor in this particular genre, especially with this latest endeavor from writer Bill Dubuque.

The film opens on October 14 with Affleck in the title role with a largely dramatic narrative that sees him from growing to adulthood as a math savant. With a mind for numbers he operates out of the back door in a small-town CPA office, working privately as a high-rated accountant for the criminal underworld who now finds himself under the watchful eye of the Treasury's Crime Enforcement head, played by J.K. Simmons. Also starring is actress Anna Kendrick who plays an accounting clerk for an upscale robotics company where, surely enough, our anti-hero's newest business endeavor uncovers a discrepancy in millions of dollars, and soon enough, bodies start piling up.

You can imagine how the rest goes according to the trailer with Affleck going to work with the action. Fernando Chien, who I've been following off and on for close to a decade now in the world of independent film, coordinated the stunts for this and having seen his assisstant contributions in films like Ben Ramsey's Blood And Bone and the new comic book adaptation short, Black Salt, I'm certain he's done a terrific job in translating Affleck's action person for an O'Connor vehicle.

It's worth noting that this won't be the last time we see Affleck and Simmons together on screen with the two currently poised to share similar space in the studio's future growth into DC Territory as our new Batman and Gotham City Commisioner Gordon. For this, The Accountant should whet the appetite some, especially in the wake of Wednesday's poster unveiling which you can view below!


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