Yue Song's SUPER BODYGUARD Gets An Explosive Second Trailer

You have to have a lot of confidence about yourself as a filmmaker to stake your claim as the next Bruce Lee. Many would normally frown or, to say the least, lend some capacity of speculation to that matter, but that doesn't hugely appear to be the case for actor and filmmaker Yue Song whose veracity as the latest in upcoming action stardom is a work that clearly speaks for itself.

Thus, when you look at a trailer for a film like his newest,  Super Bodyguard, you're looking at a piece of work that appears to bet everything its got. Song did the same with the 2013 action drama, King Of The Streets and with a distinctive approach to action unmarred by wirework or trick cinematography, presents a pill very much easy to swallow. It takes Song's kind of caliber to do what he does, and you should also consider the talent on hand, namely heavy hitters like Shi Yanneng and Collin Chou.

With names like those, you certainly deserve the chance you've been humbled with. Alas, the past several months have allowed song to screen his new film stateside in select locations since its completion well over a year and some change ago. A release was slated for some time last month when a trailer made the rounds earlier on, but a new date over in Asia has been set for local cinemas on July 15, and accordingly, we now have a new trailer that helps set things in stone a bit further for the martial arts action crowd.

Song also wrote the script for this one, and with a story that centers on a young and gifted martial artist who ventures out in search of his fellow apprentice following the death of their master. Time passes and in the course of his search, he becomes the personal bodyguard of the daughter of the city's richest crime family, only to come close to certain death when enemies close in to kidnap her, forcing him to jump back in and do what he does best.

Judging by any and all footage so far, the film squarely matches up with the hype it presents, bearing all sorts of superhero tropes to flex its muscles as a hybrid modern day martial arts spectacle. The imapct is certainly there for it to be a great piece of film, even if the script and story turn out to be as less sophisticated as some may think for a film of this kind. There's a market for a film like this, and I, for one, am proud to see a guy like Song come as far as he has, because the film looks deeply amazing, and I'm looking forward to this movie when it hits screens beyond its China shores.

Watch the new trailer below!


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