Well Go USA Picks Up Bruce Fontaine's BEYOND REDEMPTION For North American Release

To simply allege that the stunt field is without merit when it comes to finding leading talent that can meet the demands of both acting and stuntwork couldn't be farther from the truth. Such people do exist today along with a number of films, a lot of which are independently produced by smaller companies and filmmakers who have been working their way up to some notoriety - people like Hong Kong cinema veteran and stuntman Bruce Fontaine.

As of late, his efforts have been promptly documented over at his Action Lab banner in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada where he has since taken his longtime wushu protégé, stuntman Brian Ho, for a debut on both their parts. Thus, the latest market circulation of Fontaine's premier helmer, Beyond Redemption is becoming a little more prospective these days following an arduous photography schedule between 2014 and last year, and certainly aims at giving Ho just the debut he's looking to bring to martial arts fans between now and the following year. As it stands, Ho now finally has a platform in North America where he can do just that with word that the film's U.S. rights have been signed over to Well Go USA's catalogue for release, presumably between now and 2017.

Anthony Patrick Wong and Derek Lowe wrote the script which sees Ho in the role of Billy Tong, a weary undercover cop who, amid the circumstances of incumbent fatherhood with his ex-wife, is forced to fight enemies on all sides within the Triad underworld in order to rescue a rival boss's daughter. Also starring are Osric Chau, Linna Huynh, Eddy Ko and acclaimed stunt pro Don Lew with YouTube personas Peter Chao, The Chengman and Linda Dong, and executive producer Tony Towe.

Ho is still getting the work done on the main floor as a stunt performer these days, but with Beyond Redemption finally on the way, it may look as if martial arts fans have a new rising star to pine over. The international sales agents over at Premiere Entertainment Group have a trailer making the market rounds and so the footage is still being kept under wraps, but I will add that since this is Well Go USA we're talking about, I would say they've made a terrific decision on our behalf.

Stay tuned for an official trailer! 


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