WB's Tsujihara: "We're Working With Ben Affleck On A BATMAN Movie"

Apart from its current $800 worldwide gross, Zack Snyder's ability to deliver with Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice, may still purport even more scruitiny in the coming years with Warner Bros. focusing solely on its tentpole films as the film fell short of their expectations. That said, Justice League: Part One commences filming this week with its release stamped for November 17, 2017, and already in the good graces of fans well approving of actor Ben Affleck's performance as the new Batman/Bruce Wayne who is already close to a year in developing a script of his own with DC's own Geoff Johns.

That script picked up further steam last month when the presses reported that Affleck did, indeed write a script for a Batman treatment that would ultimately push things toward feature film development as Warner Bros was already reportedly touting a potential Batman trilogy in the not-too-distant future. All else aside and in the wake of everything that is happening this week at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara took to the stage to boast Snyder's film its record-opening week as a precursor to announcing the development of a new Batman film with Affleck back in costume as well as the in director's chair.

via THR:
"It set up a great foundation for our DC slate, which includes at least 10 movies through 2020," said Tsuijhara. "I'm also excited to know that we will be working with Ben Affleck on a stand-alone Batman movie."
The film will also mark Affleck's fifth stint as director following a resumé that includes films like the award-winning 2007, Gone Baby Gone, 2010 crime thriller The Town and 2012 political thriller, Argo. His next starring and directing gig will be the prohibition era crime flick, Live By Night, which opens October of next year.


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