Watch The Trailer For Nicolas Boukhrief's Terror Thriller, MADE IN FRANCE

The past year has been rife with turmoil over the headlines and news of terroristic acts and Europe. To say the least, it's fairly understandable that Nicolas Boukhrief's newest thriller, Made In France, draws its share of chills, and following its release in France this week and acquisition for the UK and Ireland by Soda Pictures, the film is releasing on VoD on April 19.

Sam, a freelance journalist, has infiltrated a group of four young extremists in order to investigate the growing phenomenon of disaffected youth joining Islamic jihadist groups. When their leader returns from overseas training camps, they are given the mission to form themselves into a terrorist cell and launch a series of attacks destabilising Paris. Realising that he is in over his head and wanting to get out, Sam warns the authorities. They ask him to stay undercover among this group in order to identify who is at the top of the French terror network giving the orders, threatening him with criminal charges. As attack plans escalate, it becomes a race against the clock, dangerous but necessary to neutralise the entire organisation…
Watch the brand new trailer below!


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