Watch The Latest Trailer For Boyapati Sreenu's SARRAINODU

Talk about over-the-top. Director Boyapati Sreenu's newest Telugu action thriller, Sarrainodu is well on the way with actor Allu Arjun back in the limelight for a release in India on April 22. The film hails from Geetha Arts which produces many blockbusters and is headed by Arjun's father, Allu Aravind, which explains why this looks as epic as it does.

There's no story available to share, but do check out the trailer, and if you're left wondering why not a single thread of hair was thrown out of place during any of the action you're about to sample, don't worry...I'm right there with you. This is pretty sick stuff and it's all tantamount to Indian action cinema, which makes it all forgiveable and entertaining right down to the end. (H/T: Twitchfilm)


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