[UPDATED] THE HIT LIST - April 4, 2016

This week feels almost slow, somewhat; There hasn't been much to write about and I almost chose not to get a Hit List article going this week. Clearly I decided to pick things up on that end as well and thankfully a few things popped up online this week that I wasn't going to pass up on sharing.

BUT first, as always there is the matter of the latest in stunt reels, and it's ay smaller playlist this week, but a fun little package nonetheless with Braxton McAllister leading the way with a lively stunt reel of his own. The remainder of the list comes courtesy of stunt players Ryan Moss, Jenna Hellmuth, Alexander Burgos, Kimberly Shannon Murphy, Lauren Mary Kim, Kylie Riddle, Monia Moula, Brandon Shaw and Glenn Foster.

Now, onto the batch of fights and shortfilms out this week, and first up is a small skit from fight choreographer and performer Evan Taylor in a quick 30-second exchange opposite Hannah Scott and Aaron Joshua, with Jason Ng and Jim Ng lensing and editing. Following that is the latest bit from Dragon Spirit Productions's own Marques Archie titled Underestimate with Phoenix Frasier and Julio Aquino, and a reuploaded fight skit over in Florida with Adam J. Lytle and Shane Ferrell for WOLF Stunts and AJL Stunts.

The last piece in the list is one that's been hitting the internet comic book fan circles since its online premiere last Thursday featuring cosplayers Mae Claire and Stephanie Pham. Meet your two actresses in the following action short, Elektra VS Psylocke from filmmaker Joey Min at Art School Dropouts.

Two more articles I would like to discuss before capping off the Hit List this week are online as well, and the first is one in a new series, Heroes With Issues, from the kind folks over at Truly Indie Studios with an insightful look into the troubled and awry lives of superheroes. It's tough saving the world, and actors Dirk Ellis, Tatiana DeKhtyar, Jim Logan and Brian Suskind exhibit it all with director Shaun Piccinino (The Lackey, Six Feet Down Under) at the helm. Check it out and have a chuckle!

Last and far from least is a new shortfilm from Dave Macomber stunt crew behind the hit Cinemax series, Banshee, and with none other than series co-star Hoon Lee joining in on the fun in Identity Crisis. Banshee has become for especially known for its amazing action and stunt work, and with the series in its final production run at the time in lieu of its fourth and last season airing this month, clearly the ice has been long broken for these guys to play around and do what it is they do best. For this, we get a thrilling action short with series stunt double, Justin Eaton going toe-to-toe with Lee, an actor who has easily contributed to making Banshee one of my favorite shows in the last few years.

Check your local listings for Banshee, but do click below and enjoy Macomber's latest piece of action on film with Identity Crisis.

***And here's to chalking this one up as a late entry from the kind folks over at Martial Club with Craziest Jackie Chan Stunt. Andy Le and Du Au lead the way along with David Cheung, Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe and Andy Long Nguyen, and nothing more but a camera and improvized choreo ample for a fantastic feat of kung fu and comedy.

The description states this won't be their last collaboration and for what it's worth, I'm counting on it. I've been writing about these guys for close to three years now and they have yet to let their audience down. Enjoy!

Last week's entries should fill you up good and plenty if you need more to enjoy before long. Furthermore, subscribe to these channels for more amazing content, and if you or someone you know is into kickass filmmaking and has an awesome stunt reel or fight sequence you think deserves a place in the Hit List, hit us up at filmcombatsyndicate@gmail.com!


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