Toku Filmmaker Bueno Sets Sights On 'Gun Caliber' Sequel, STREGA

Strega - Junction Teaser 01
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Posted by Garage Hero on Friday, April 8, 2016

If there were ever an example to be made for R-rated tokusatsu, it would be the 2014 film, Gun Caliber, which sparked a significant following for independent filmmaker Bueno since screening among online audiences in the last few years. The film isn't widely released as of yet, although its been allowed its fair share of availability from Bueno's YouTube portal over at Garage Hero from time to time, and not without some discretion to boot as the film is NOT your average superhero movie.

Nope, it's got blood and gore, foul language, debauchery, bizzare villains and BEWBS, all laden with an adherance to the niche of the Tokusatsu fanbase who are 18 or over. You could say it's a classic and that's entirely up to you and what your tastes are. As for Bueno, he's been busy behind the lens at YouTube Space Japan as well as in training and preparing his forthcoming feats with several Tokusatsu veterans, including Taikaiwa Seiji (Kamen Rider) Hamura Ei (Gosei Sentai Dairanger), and action crossover legend Sakamoto Koichi of Power Rangers, Drive and Red X Pink fame.

So what's all the fuss about? Well, it's about his newest film currently in pre-production, Strega, which is the core concept of what his initial goal was before Gun Caliber. The sequel ultimately brings Bueno back on board to star as well, reprising his role as trash-talking, cigar-smoking superhero gunslinger, Kusanagi Soma, and with a slick new black and red hero costume from designer Komatsu Daisuke and characters created by Goh Gideon which will bring more heroes in the fray to match the impending villainy.

More pics can be viewed at Ukiyaseed while production updates can be spotted at the official Garage Pro fan page on Facebook.


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