Statham Boards Shark Attack Thriller, MEG, For Warner Bros

Action star Jason Statham's recently hyped announcement for upcoming action thriller, High Value Target, is apparently still on the backburner, and it's a bit of a bummer. At any rate though, I guess seeing him take on a giant shark will do, as per the latest reports from last week so state for the new thriller, Meg.

Jon Turtletaub is directing from a script by Dean Georgaris which takes its inspiration from Steve Alten's 1997 novel, "Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror". The film sees Statham going to head to head with a shark killing swimmers along the China coast, and one that turns out to be a Megaladon - a prehistoric shark with a bite that real-life research cites once a measurement of at least 11 feet long before its extinction about a million and a half years.

The film hails from Warner Bros with Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing along with Belle Avery and Colin Wilson, and should mark a return to studio lead form for Statham who has kicked plenty of ass on screen in numerous action franchises, including the Transporter and Expendables trilogies, and films Parker and Wild Card.

I admit to not being entirely keen on this as I was hoping his High Value Target, pairing him with Thai action star Tony Jaa, would be his next gig this year following the forthcoming release of Mechanic: Resurrection. That said, the prospects of watching Statham take on a shark should be fun nonetheless, and he still has an upcoming kidnapping thriller filming later this year from a script by Kurt Wimmer. We'll see where this goes.

H/T: Deadline


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