Netflix Announces MARCO POLO Season 2 Premiere Date

It's only a matter of time now before fans of the hit Netflix series, Marco Polo, make their epic return to 13th century Asia following the explosive and tumultuous first season in 2014. Actor Lorenzo Richelmy led the way in the title role opposite actor Benedict Wong's commanding performance as emperor Kublai Khan in a story rife with danger, intrigue and war politics that would ultimately map out with one of the best action-packed finales ever seen on screen.

Following that, even actor and series co-star Tom Wu became one of the show's fan favorites with a one-shot spin-off of his own that guest cameoed actress action star Michelle Yeoh who herself will seuge into series regularity here as well. How it that will be will remain a mystery, but Netflix is finally starting to pull back the veil on the show's promotional campaign with the newly announced July 1, 2016 premiere date as so stated in the new announcement video below.


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