MVD Announces DIE FIGHTING Release On DVD And Blu-Ray On April 19

Covering independent martial arts action can be a real treat, especially when a project carries with it a certain level of promise. Filmmaker Fabien Garcia has certainly lived up to the standard of said promise in the last six years with the development and subsequent production of his feature-film debut and Film Combat Syndicate's Five-A-Day pick for 2016, Die Fighting, and the results have been all the more rewarding.

Thus, it affirms the stateside establishment of Garcia's Z-Team Films, a moniker handed down from his independent action and stunt group of the same name well over a decade ago in Beijing. Alas, with the film's availability long on VoD and Digital HD since last year, a DVD and Blu-Ray release is now pending for April 19 with a fair load of special features to boot, including the usual behind-the-scenes gags and then some.

And so with all this and more, we now come to the latest announcement from MVD Entertainment. CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE to pre-order your DVD and Blu-Ray copies now, and feel free to read our earlier interviews with the stars and filmmakers HERE and HERE!

Film Festival Award Winner DIE FIGHTING 
Coming to DVD and Blu-ray on April 19, 2016 
Winner of The Action Elite Awards "Best Action Movie Director - Fabien Garcia" and "Best Fight Scene - Fabien Garcia vs. An Entire Dojo" 
Winner of Action on Film International Film Festival "Breakout Action Star - Laurent Buson" and "Best Fight Choreography" 
The martial arts, found footage action thriller Die Fighting is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on April 19th. The film, from martial arts experts Fabien Garcia and Laurent Buson, takes place on the city streets of Los Angeles as one crazed director forces several fighters to compete for the ones they love. Shot in real time, Die Fighting co-stars Didier Buson, Jess Allen, Dave Vescio, former American Gladiator Xin Wuku, and others. 
In the film's story, four Shaolin fighters are targeted and tested by a mysterious director. Their loved ones have been kidnapped and these trained martial artists must complete a series of more and more complex challenges to release their friends and family. But, this story is not without its tragedy as these four friends face unthinkable horrors. No one fights alone in Garcia's true tale of terror and action. 
Die Fighting is already available on several video-on-demand formats. Fans of martial arts films are encouraged to take a look at the film, which has been described as "pulse-pounding" and "amazing," by Kung Fu Cinema's Albert Valentin. 
"When a team of Shaolin-trained kung fu actors is about to get their break in Hollywood, a mysterious and sadistic director forces them to run a gauntlet through Los Angeles. The Director films their every move as they prove their prowess by provoking a rogues' gallery of underworld thugs and martial artists" 
"Some of the best martial arts action that can easily stand right up there with films like The Raid or Ip Man." - Bobby Blakey, 
"5 OUT OF 5 STARS!" - Albert Valentin, Kung Fu Cinema 
"An Energetic, Meta Martial Arts Flick" - Ernesto Zelaya Miñano, Twitch 
"Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa would absolutely love 'Die Fighting' - what more of an endorsement could anyone possibly need eh?" - Brad Curran, Kung-fu Kingdom 
"Jaw-dropping fight scenes, fast paced and a genuine adrenaline rush." - Eoin Friel, The Action Elite 
"This film contains more badassery than you can watch in one sitting..." - Michael S Moore, Kiai-Kick 
"It would be a crime for any martial arts action fan to miss this one." - David Vo, Martial Arts Action Cinema 
"Die Fighting is a movie that you cannot afford to miss." - Brad Curran, Kung-fu Kingdom 
"A Case For Better Action Movies." - Lee Golden, Film Combat Syndicate 
"An excellent martial arts flick showcasing the Z Team to be major players on the action movie block." - Andrew Skeates, Far East Films
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  1. Does it mean that it will be available in spanish?? I really hope. PS: I'm looking forward to watch "One Million Klicks" too!


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