Moscow Is Ground Zero In The New Trailer For Russian Action Horror, THE NIGHT GUARD

Crime and comedy director Emilis Velyvis is seuging into something much more spectacular with a film clearly aiming as his own response to films like Twilight and Underworld. For this, we turn to the less comically-leaning The Night Guard, (formerly Wings) which opens in 3D in Russia this summer and boasting a darker and moodier tone that nonetheless accomodates some big scale visuals, slick editing and action-packed setting.

Actor Ivan Yankovsky leads the film from a script by Oleg Malovichko which tells of a delivery boy who thwarts an attack on a woman by a mysterious horde of creatures, and incident that puts him in the throes of a secret organization working with the police to monitor and intervene supernatural beings living on Earth. Of course, a love story also ensues which also guarantees a little something for the YA crowd, but the usual protagonistic plot points of self-discovery also take shape for what looks like a lovely bit of fantasy action for its designated film crowd.

The Night Guard now has a new trailer making this week following one from February and you can view both below.


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