MIB 23 Prospect Channing Tatum Announces Role In KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE

Well, that Gambit film sure is looking farther and farther from a reality. At any rate, it beats not seeing actor Channing Tatum on screen you need only look further at a few places - one including CinemaCon where Sony has since confirmed its long-rumored plans to merge Tatum's Jumpstreet movieverse with that of the sci-fi comedy epic, Men In Black for the hybrid crossover, MIB 23.

As for all else, you can feel free to pan over directly to Tatum's Twitter page where he's just announced his addition to Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Tatum joins returning star Taron Egerton along with actor Colin Firth making his own ceremonial return following the greatly exaggerated death of his character in the first film as inspired by the graphic novel of the same name.
Also returning are actors Mark Strong and Edward Holcroft with actor Pedro Pascal and actresses Julianne Moore, Halle Berry and singing sensation Elton John rounding out the current cast as things stand ahead of its June 16, 2017 release.


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