LẬT MẶT 2: PHIM TRƯỜNG - Watch The Trailer For Ly Hai's Vietnamese Action Comedy Sequel

It's pretty unfortunate we don't hear as often as we should when it comes to the action genre scene in Vietnam. When something does get heard, it's worth celebrating even to some extent, and so we now bring our attention to actor and filmmaker Ly Hai with the newest trailer for Lat Mat 2: Phim Troung. The name has a couple of silly idiomatic translations but I'm just going to go out on a limb here with an interpret it as "The Flip Side 2: Film School", following the adventures of the first film that saw a treasure hunt and the involvement of armed mercenaries.

The sequel now leads us to the story of two brothers - stuntmen, who are trying to make a film only to fall into a load of money troubles; Judging by an earlier teaser and this week's latest trailer, a whole lot of trouble ensues, setting the tone properly for vehicular carnage, big stunts with some obvious green-screen CG destruction and fish-out-of-water comedy with some intense-looking fight action to help fill the bellies of martial arts fans. At any rate, the film is opening locally on May 6, so check your usual listings if you're in the neighborhood and are up for something fun to stare at.


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