Help Trent Dickens Down The Rabbit Hole For PANDA On Kickstarter

When Trent Dickens isn't busy working on his craft varied in dance and acting, you'll usually find him assisting other filmmakers and appearing in various commercials, as he's done so in more than a decade so far while based in L.A.. Moreover, you'll find him at a table somewhere concentrating heavily on erecting his latest idea for a brilliant-looking indie drama with the new film, Panda, and for all intents and purpose, the trailer conceived for it boasts a bit of promise.
PANDA, is a neo-noir short film about a man who hides from the world behind a "mask". He falls down the rabbit hole as he is thrust into one increasingly dangerous situation after another. His decisions over the course of one night will ultimately define his life, his relationships, and who he is forever...
Watch the trailer and you'll see an obvious nod or several to the cerebral work of filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, as he so partly states as his source of inspiration over at the project's official Kickstarter which launched a few weeks ago. The project's origins stemmed manily from a music video approach that has since evolved into 35 pages centered an obscure lead actor whose principle look sets the stage for a world littered with crime, sex, drugs, and a heavy dose of the bizzare to accomodate whatever subliminal poetry you choose to attribute.

The shortfilm itself will roll cameras in Dickens's native Biloxi, Mississippi later this year, but needs to finish its Kickstarter funding in order to do so. I think this looks fantastic and very much fitting for the indie film crowd as a whole. Hit up the Kickstarter page where you can view the trailer yourself, as well as learn how to donate and what you'll get in return for your generosity. Two weeks as of this post and counting...let's work!


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