EDGE OF TOMORROW Sequel Moves Forward With 'RACE' Writers

Deadline is reporting that Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse, the screenwriters behind the Jesse Owens biopic, Race, are on board to write the sequel for the 2014 cult hit, Edge Of Tomorrow. The first film adapts the hit manga, "All You Need Is Kill", with a plot that saw actor Tom Cruise as a public affairs military major swept into an Earthbound battle with aliens in which his own catastrophic death mingles his blood with the enemy, forcing him in a time loop that repeats the day over and over.

The film drew huge favor among fans but ultimately suffered a bit on the domestic front of the box office. Deadline also reports that the goal will also be to write actress Emily Blunt back in in a fitting way that gets her back in on the action, playing a legendary sergeant. Doug Liman, who is currently attached to 20th Century Fox's languishing Marvel adaptation of Gambit and the new series, Invisible from Jaunt Inc. and Condé Nast Entertainment, will return to direct while Erwin Stoff and Tom Lassally will produce as may Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote the first film and is developing the new script with Shrapnel and Waterhouse.

The script marks another for the writing pair who are reportedly gaining traction with several titles, including Charlize Theron's The Gray Man for Sony, as well as the 2012 book, "Circle Of Treason". The news also adds more to the Cruise and Blunt fan base with the former currently on the way with the release of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back this Fall, and Blunt's forthcoming reprisal next to Benicio DelToro and Josh Brolin in Sicario 2.

Stay tuned!


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