China Co-Prod, ICE MOON RISING, Sets David Twohy To Direct

It'll be a while longer before we hear back from director David Twohy who still has things in the works with actor Vin Diesel on many things forthcoming with the Riddick franchise. In the meantime, we now look toward the future in deep space with his latest Chinese co-production, Ice Moon Rising, for which casting options are now being researched for a Chinese female lead.

Certified and approved by China Film Co-Production Corporation, Twohy will write and direct the film which sees an American/Chinese task force set out to Jupiter's moon, Europa, to reawaken an astronaut from cryogenic stasis 24 years after an alien attack, and reunite him with the family he's never met. Sriram Das and Steve Chicorel are producing the film in the ball park of $50 million dollars according to a report from Variety that also says the film's development also involves a team of former NASA scientists in an effort to keep the look of the space vehicles grounded enough within Twohy's sci-fi millieu.

Production commences this Winter with locations set for the U.K. and Canada. Details ahead!


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