Catch The Trailer For Russian Sci-Fi Survival Thriller, DANCING TO DEATH

Director Andrei Volgin's new film looks lik brings a little something different to the "dance movie" arena. And by "a little different", I mean you likely have not seen a Mad Max/Hunger Games like setting for a dance movie like in his latest, Dancing To Death.

Ivan Zhvakin leads the cast with a story set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow in the year 2070 where young contestants are forced to compete in a deadly, sacrificial dance tournament to keep the city afloat. Zhvakin's role, Kostya, eventually finds love in all the choas, which of course ups the stakes a bit and sets up what looks to be a brutal finish.

A trailer has been going viral since early last month but you can check it out below in all it's slick, terrifying and awesome glory following its production in Moscow last year. Lusha Ilyashenko, Nikita Volkov, Alexander Tyutin and others also star.


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