Benny Chan's CALL OF HEROES Rings In A New Trailer

If you've been feeling down any this week, the good news is you're still alive and you've made it to Friday - just in time to marvel a bit more at the grandeur of Benny Chan's latest, Call Of Heroes. Sammo Hung directs all the cool action seen in the latest trailers making the rounds including the new one released today.

Louis Koo is joined by an ensemble cast that sticks him in the mix as the murderous son of a  warlord who becomes the one and only bargaining chip for a vulnerable village, and the guardians holding him prisoner. Sean Lau and a bearded/unbearded Eddie Peng make a stellar appearance in this one along with Wu Jing, Quan Yuan, Liu Kai-Chi and many more for a date yet to be determined for its local cinemas.

Check out the trailer below!


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