BASTILLE DAY Sees A Footchase And A Fear Of Heights In A New Clip

In case you've forgotten, director James Watkins and the folks over at Studiocanal still have an action thriller to sell, and with its best foot forward with actor Idris Elba kicking down the action star door for Bastille Day which opens in the UK on April 22. The film joins him in a story of a tough CIA field agent in Paris who gets caught in a web of intrigue with only the help of an elusive pickpocket to solve a deadly conspiracy.

Richard Madden of Game Of Thrones fame plays the pickpocket, and as you're about to see, while he may be good at pickpocketing, he's way less graceful when it comes to perilous foot chases atop of Parisian apartment structures. Geez, didn't he see Harrison Ford make the same mistake in Frantic? Whew!

Check out the clip below and a recent TV spot for the film!


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