A Manga Heroine Returns In The New CUTIE HONEY: TEARS Teaser Trailer!

Manga author Nagai Go found a means to showcase his craft back in the 1970's and from then on with the popular Akita Shonen print, Cutie Honey, the story of a sexy android superhero on a mission to avenge her "father"'s death at the hands of a horde of supervillains known as the Panther Claw. The property has since stood the test of time through several manga publications therafter, as well as anime and OVA installments and a 2007 live-action drama; Director Anno Hideaki adapted a 2004 live-action film that didn't pan out well for its production company at the time.

This year now, we have a new feature-length adaptation on the rise from Toei following its completion late last year with a version that looks hella slick and edgy. For this, we now get director Takeshi Asai's latest, Cutie Honey: Tears with 22-year-old actress Nishiuchi Mariya (Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches) leading the title role, and a mission that sees her fighting for mankind in the wake of a mysterious virus and unsual weather. VFX director Higuchi Ryo is servicing the backdrop for the film's futuristic setting and it looks really impressive in its differences from previous cinematic treatments.

Further casting and crew info is scant at the moment, but the film is opening on October 1 which leaves off plenty of time to take any all Cutie Honey: Tears promo bits in, including the film's first teaser trailer now available below.


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