Xu Haofeng Up To Direct THE MAGIC BLADE Remake

Author Xu Haofeng has earned some much-deserved praise for etching out stylish, contemplative action and drama on film in recent memory, namely titles relative to his 2013 anthology, Hiding Behind The Blade; The latest film of the bunch, The Final Master, has already become an award-winning feat since screening for audiences late last year and is now on deck for a North American release in May from UEP.

Indeed, 2016 does mark another great year for Xu as we move forward, and especially with remakes of classic Shaw titles now abound with Chor Yuen's 1976 career-defining thrill with Ti Lung and Lo Lieh, The Magic Blade, on deck for a redo of its own with Xu reportedly at the helm. Novelist Gu Long wrote the original novel that inspired Yuen's adaptation centered on the "exploding peacock dart", a weapon at the center of two rival swordsmen who embark together on a journey for its possession against an evil sorceror.

Tencent's own Tencent Pictures has since boarded the remake as of late last year with Shaw proprietors, Celestial Pictures. No word yet of a start date or casting info have been given but later trade news should get the chit-chat going and info stirring in the coming days. Stay tuned!


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