Watch The New Teaser For Awi Suryadi's MMA Drama Series Proof, UNLEASHED

It's been a while since we've heard from Street Society and Badoet helmer Awi Suryadi who is no stranger to the martial arts genre himself. Suffice to say, it's great to welcome him back once more in the wake of his latest appeal to the fanbase with the new proof teaser for Indonesia's premiere coming-of-age MMA drama, Unleashed, which should gain some interest in a possible feature film drama or a TV series if all goes as planned.

Topping it all off, of course is a great cast fitting for a project of this nature with actress Kelly Tandiono (Gangster) opposite newcomer Simone Julia with Verdy Bhawanta (Mortal Enemies), and UFC featherweight Max Metino (The Raid 2), serving as the impetus for our two leading ladies.

HANNA comes from a prominent Malay family. Her late father was the founder of the famous Rangkuti Capoeira Center. One of the trainers is her brother, JUNA, who also happens to be a national athlete. Surrounded by such an environment, Hanna grew up to be a popular and slightly spoiled girl, who sees life through a rose-tinted glass. 
Rose-tinted glass is what LAURA never had. There is always a bully who torments her just because of her Chinese-Indonesian lineage. In fact, a fight with one of these bullies at school is what brings her to the attention of WILLEM, her physical education teacher. Seeing her penchant for fighting, Willem—who is also a mixed martial athlete—offers Laura to train in a gym that he frequented. Laura said yes—and finds her calling. 
Both Willem and Juna are participants in the increasingly popular National Mixed Martial Arts Competition. One night, they meet inside the octagon. The fight is brutal yet captivating. Juna’s capoeira moves find a formidable opponent in the form of Willem and his jujitsu skills. But this fight was not meant to end well. At the fifth round, tragedy strikes. Juna, who later was found to have a rare heart disease, collapsed. The 27-year-old man died on his way to the hospital, with Hanna at his side. 
This tragedy changes Hanna’s life. She decides to make Juna’s unfulfilled wish to become the champion of the MMA Competition come true. To realize this, she must make a 180-degree turn—embrace her family’s legacy of fighting and unleash the fighter inside her. 
Laura and Hanna finally find a common ground—one that is built upon their love for martial arts, and ambition to be the best. Destiny will bring them together inside the octagon. Who will become the winner? Will it be Laura, who fights against convention, showing that even the minority can overcome the obstacle? Or will it be Hanna, who fights to keep the fire of her family’s legacy burning? 
Find the answer in Unleashed, the first Indonesian-made limited series that goes deep into the world of mixed martial arts—an epic tale of rivalry and ambition, a juxtaposition of spectacular fights and touching human drama. 
Suryadi's got his work cut out for him on this, but he's done some amazing work before having previously collaborated with Bhawanta and actor and martial artist Andrew Suleiman for their action comedy proof, You Can't Hear Me, You Can't See Me. That one is still something I'd like to see movement on while Suryadi himself moves onward to other ideas in this category, and Unleashed is certainly one that seems fitting with a teaser that sets the mood just right for an epic showdown between two very different fighters with noble and worthy motives. Check it out below!


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