THE HIT LIST - March 14, 2016

I think I may have contributed more on my blog than I may have wanted to, although it was probably instinctive. Maybe. Alas, I found myself working on the Hit List at the very last minute of Sunday and so I managed to get a few things together, including a few oldie-goodies I think are worthy of your viewing...

On that one and as always, we're starting things off with a slew of stunt reels and I'm buckling down to twelve this week for a playlist that features stuntwoman Somnang Chay, followed by a return to form from German action actor and Kampfansage co-star Volkram Zschieche. The playlist rounds out with stunt reels from Jesse Phillips, Keith Ward, Jae Greene, Jillian Lee, Joshua Romeo, Denys Alieksieiev, Donovan Louie, Suzuki Kimmy, Micah Karns and an encore entry from Kai Ferris!

Now, it's onto the fights and there are just a few I'd like to share. First up is a quick swordfight bit from indie banner Dragon Phoenix Entertainment with Shaun Charney with cosplay favorite, actress and stuntwoman Tess Kielhamer, and the second comes courtesy of Stunt-Do featuring their own experimental fight piece titled Bad Day with Gaetan Caillot and Swann Lejeune performing, followed by Wuji Films with Bronson Cameron and Anthony Javier in a test fight of their own. The last is a resurrection from LBP Stunts Chicago featuring Brendon Huor and James Young in a remarkable showcase of what two talented dudes like these can achieve in under a minute with none other than Emmanuel Manzanares at the lens. Enjoy!

As for promotional materials, our own Joey Min is still a living and breathing filmmaker with a knack for kung fu, action and comedy. Thus, amid all the superhero movie hype as of late, he's gone and created a fan film pitting Marvel favorites, Elektra and Psylocke against one another in a new fan film releasing online later this month. Actress Mae Claire Tandoc and Stephanie Pham hailing from Min's Art School Dropouts banner are performing their respective debuts in the upcoming short, and we have several images of the actress in costume to sample from below!

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At long last, we have this week's shortfilms and the first of four is the latest from filmmaker Jela Oba Okpara who has been on my radar since 2013 with projects like The Last Girl and Ascended Masters. He's inarguably a huge kung fu cinephile which is how you can tell where he draws a lot of his inspiration for the martial arts pieces he puts together with fight choreographer, Chibi, and with actor Nick Den who has appeared in all of Okpara's work thusfar, and this time they're at it again in a fantastic two-on-one display of weapons choreography in A Band Of Thieves. Den is joined by Nikki SooHoo and Lauren Gaw in the shortfilm now available beneath the poster!

Another project I'm reviving this week dates back to 2014 called D.R.Y., with Aaron Ly and Bruce Chong starring as two warring swordsmen caught in a timeless love triangle. The project was initially an entry for the London Sci-Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge that year and it's one I'm proud to re-engage after writing about it two years ago as per my discovery of film duo George and Harry Kirby under their K&K banner.

Up next is the newest shortfilm to enter the Star Wars fan arena, Exile, following my review from last week. The project marks the return of director Noel Braham to the chair after a brief hiatus, as well as in a starring role with the story of two jedi on the run from the Empire and their Inquisitor tasked with the hunt. Braham, who also produced the short is joined by actress Georginna Savoye and actor and actor and producer Pokey Spears.

And last and way WAAAY far from least, aside from what you can gather from the work of Stephen Reedy whose credits include the Stunt People feature action comedy, Contour, and his gripping pair-up with actor Eric R. Lim for the compelling anti-suicide tribute, The Forge, their new action short, The Man From Death is nothing to weigh in with logic or sensibility. All you need to know is that it involves Lim in the role of a vengeful cowboy with a list, Dennis Ruel strapped to a dynamite vest while forced to kick his way out of trouble, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist and Street Fighter: Resurrection co-star Mike Moh as a villain whose crack habit makes him powerful enough to slice your face off, and inspirational action director Vlad Rimburg at the center of it all, creating the most violent atmosphere you may have ever seen since Deadpool.

This one took about two to three years to complete, it's trippy as all hell, and you can click here to learn all about it in my recent interview with Lim. After watching this uber violent and laugh-out-loud NSFW gem, you'll be fairly certain that Reedy is smoking some great, great shit. Balls + Heart. That is all. Enjoy.

Feast your eyes on last week's goods if you haven't had enough and keep your eyes open for more content next week! Moreover, if you have a fantastic short piece or a cool stunt reel you think is worthy of a place on the Hit List, don't be shy, and hit us up at!


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