Take A Shot At The New Trailer For CODE OF HONOR

There's a lot left to be desired when it comes to Steven Seagal movies for some. For others, the action star still delivers in films with great action and drama on hand and directors who know how to formulate things properly.

Personally, I've had my doubts and still do, but give a look at the latest trailer for writer and director Michael Winnick's new movie, Code Of Honor - You may find yourself intrigued and even considering giving this a shot when it releases in May from Lionsgate through their Grindstone label.

When his family is murdered, a special-ops operative turns vigilante and wages war on all of criminals in his hometown. Can his former protégé, now an FBI agent, stop him before mobsters and police close in?
Helena Mattsson, Craig Sheffer, Louis Mandylor and James Russo also star, and a trailer has been in the works for several months now (one did leak awhile back), but a proper trailer is here now, and it might sell you. Check it out.


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