STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION - Episode 3 Summary & Review

Katrina Durden as Decapre in "Street Fighter: Resurrection", courtesy of Machinima
Last week's second episode of Street Fighter: Resurrection saw things escalate quite a bit following actor Alain Moussi's emergence as the formerly dead Army Major, Charlie Nash. Substantively, it was the most action-packed episode thusfar as our characters finally began taking shape with the signature action scenes and techniques fans have come to know and love about filmmaker Joey Ansah's live-action rendition of the Capcom property via Machinima, and for what it's worth, save for Machinima's teething nine-minute weekly increments of the show on go90, I have yet to be disappointed.

Episode three, "Mission Critical", goes live this week with actors Mike Moh and Christian Howard back in the respective roles of franchise favorites Ryu and Ken, who were previously summoned by Interpol to assist a sting operation in London involving an illegal arms deal. The mission moves forward while underneath it all, all available signs for both Ryu and Ken suggest a likely resurgence of the criminal organization known as Shadowloo, although it is when well-known loyal Bison cohort, Russian femme fatale Decapre reveals herself that their worst-case scenario may very well be closer to reality than preferred. Subsequently, Interpol's cover is blown as Decapre gives an eye-full of the threat that looms: A fully weaponized and powerful Dark-Hadou bomb that can destroy anything within a one-mile radius.

Ryu and Ken are eager to move in and stop her, but are briefly forced to wait until Bravo team moves in to acquire their agents and the weapon. Little do they know that Nash and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu heiress Laura Matsuda (played by Natascha Hopkins) have moved in under the radar as per their prior arrangement in episode two. Guns start blazing with Decapre's men trading rounds with what's left of Bravo team while Nash and Laura move in, all while Ryu and Ken simultaneously spring into action as well, although it's far from a team effort. Nash and Ken end up in a round two bout while Ryu quickly moves in on Decapre, but to no avail as she evades capture with the Dark Hadou bomb in her possession. With the mission compromised and Decapre cornered, only one question remains: Can Ken, Ryu, Nash and Laura attain the answers they seek and stop Decapre from setting off the Dark Hadou bomb before its too late?

Alain Moussi as Charlie Nash in "Street Fighter: Resurrection", courtesy of Machinima
There's one more episode left for Street Fighter: Resurrection after this, and episode three continues to build things up perfectly toward the finale. Moussi gets back in fighting form as Nash in his latest cinematic transition to acting before debuting on film later this year in Kickboxer: Vengeance, and continues to do the character justice. Next to that is the first-ever implementation of game franchise character, Decapre, a figure little known to general fans of the franchise unless you've read the UDON comics or played one of the earlier games. Durden, an up-and-coming actress and martial artist out of the U.K. who trains in all of her own stunts, brings sheer brilliance and a level of seriousness and discretion to the role in both acting and fight action, giving Ansah a proper and pivotal character worthy of cinematic treatment, and ultimately, another potential film star for the martial arts niche.

I know sound as if I'm glossing over this series like a total fanboy, but I really do mean it when I give this series such an upworthy critique in my reviews. At the end of the day, my only gripe is that we've had to wait every week for four weeks for the series' run on a mobile app which is only usable for the show in the confines of North America, and hopefully the audience will expand overseas after this month if not very, very soon thereafter. As for all else, Street Fighter: Resurrection, a tie-in to the latest game release of "Street Fighter V" continues to stand as an important step forward in bringing a beloved live-action game saga to the film fray with an informed treatment of the property that fans can appreciate. All that's needed now apart from Episode 4 is to see what Ansah brings next for Street Fighter: World Warrior when that show goes into production.


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