STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION - Episode 2 Summary & Review

Alain Moussi and Natascha Hopkins in "Street Fighter: Resurrection", courtesy of Machinima
As it stands, it appears to be a four-week affair for Machinima's own release of the new miniseries, Street Fighter: Resurrection. Director Joey Ansah returns to the helm and with three episodes to go since last week's premiere on Verizon's go90 mobile app, thankfully there's plenty to stay excited for with each episode building toward something more.

Continuing from the first episode, "New Challenger", this week's installation, "Fight & Flight" re-inserts you into the ring set at Ken's Masters' Academy in San Francisco. Following a fair duel between Ken (Christian Howard) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu heiress, Laura Matsuda (Natascha Hopkins), Ryu (Mike Moh) reunites with Ken to share a warning he received from a mysterious woman he crossed paths with during his journey of solitude. From there, as Ken takes a mysterious phone call from Interpol, an anomaly enters the gym who appears to be none other than the presumed-dead soldier, Charlie Nash (Alain Moussi) who himself comes with a lot more than an itchy fighting nerve, unleashing a sick double sonic boom as the first attack.

With Matsuda temporarily incapacitated from the blast, an epic two-on-one battle ensues at Nash's behest to test the fighting caliber of both Ken and Ryu. The two double team against Nash with intense vigor and strength with Ryu answering back with a Shinku-Hadoken blast of his own. Nash is powerful, but he observes the formidability of both Ken and Ryu very well before signaling an end of the match to inform them of why he came. Tension is still high and Ken and Ryu still don't know whether or not to trust him, although it is when Matsuda awakens that Nash let's her in on a possible tip that could lead her to the truth behind the death of her grandfather.

Matsuda leaves hastily while Ken and Ryu are summoned to Interpol headquarters in London to observe a major sting operation that could be very well tied to both Nash's emergence, Ryu's omen, and the possible resurgence of the criminal organization known as Shadowloo. The two observe the operation with things going seemingly smooth as five undercover lead the ruse as weapons buyers eager to purchase something with a little more bang. Alas, the real seller steps forward among her enforcers, but has she bought the bait? Or is it curtains for this stage act?

Katrina Durden as Decapre in "Street Fighter: Resurrection", courtesy of Machinima
The second episode, co-starring actress Gillian McGregor, and actors Alexis Rodney and Amed Hashimi, lasts about nine minutes and you don't really need to worry much about being teased in terms of the overall caliber and quality of the action and story as it takes you way deeper into the series, and with plenty of time to ease into what's happening. The acting is very well done and nothing is sold short when it comes to the action or even the nine mintes it takes for this chapter to play out.

The two biggest highlights, of course, are the fight between Ryu, Ken and Nash - which is performed brilliantly with Moussi in costume opposite Howard and Moh, and actress Katrina Durden in the role of Decapre, one of Bison's closest cohorts.

I suspect there will be more in store when we see Decapre and the cast back in action by next week. Until then, both episodes are now available courtesy of Machinima on Verizon's go90 mobile app by CLICKING HERE.


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