Stephen Fung Sets Course For May For THE ADVENTURERS

Flagship Entertainment staked a major claim last week during this year's Hong Kong Filmart, marking a joint venture between CMC (China Media Capital), Warner Bros. and TVB. The announcement included an inaugural slate of up to twelve titles ranging from various genres and budgets and a select number of them already in tow with cast and/or a chosen director.

One of those titles includes The Adventurers, which hosts filmmaker Stephen Fung in the director's chair with word that production will commence in May with My Beloved Bodyguard and The Monkey King 2 3D co-star Feng Shaofeng starring. Plot details are thin but the Flagship announcement hints at a story centered on an overseas treasure hunt, while an actress and other casting announcements remain pending.

Fung's made some great strides since landing on the radar among a new generation of talent in the 90's and 2000s, notably in titles like Gen-X Cops, My Schoolmate-The Barbarian and his sophomore directing gig, House Of Fury, the latter in which he also co-starred. In recent memory he began advancing a directing and producing career with films Tai Chi Zero and Tai Chi Hero (the first two of an currently-incomplete Tai Chi trilogy) the 2013 Daniel Wu-led sci-fi thriller, Control, and ultimately the AMC Network series, Into The Badlands, which is currently on par for a second season.

For future reference, other titles announced by Flagship will include as follows:
• “MEG” (Action) – Global tentpole release based on the best-selling book “MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror” about a massive pre-historic deep sea predator that resurfaces to wreak havoc at surface level. Colin Wilson is slated to produce.
• “Murder of the Husband” (Drama) – Peter Chan is set to direct this drama where one woman’s suffering gave rise to the revolution of women’s social rights in China.
• “Mission Milano” (Action comedy) – Jing Wong directs this high-profile action comedy starring Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming and Shen Teng.
• “When Larry Meets Mary” (Romantic comedy) – Wen Zhang directs Song Jia and Bao Beier in a story that proves it takes time to find true love.
• “Miss Congeniality” (Action comedy) – A remake of the 2000 comedy that made more than $210 million at the global box office, proving guns and gowns are a winning combination.
• “Blended” (Comedy) – A remake of the 2014 family comedy that starred Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler as a mismatched couple stuck together on a family vacation with their kids.
• “Beautiful Coma” (Romance) – Peter Chan and Brett Ratner are set to produce this film chronicling a love that transcends every challenge.
• “Chinese Wall Street” (Drama) – A look at the dreams and sacrifices of a generation of China’s pioneers.
• “Agent Baiyun” (Comedy) – An unlikely crime-fighting team: A gossiping middle-aged woman and an international secret agent.
• “Crater” (Action disaster) – A special effects-laden tentpole release.
• “Wish Dragon” (Animated) – An animated tale of discovering the greatest wish of all.
Stay tuned for more info.


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