Scott Adkins To Awaken From His Grave In Revenge Flick, THE RETURNER

As of today, this summer's release of director William Kaufman's direct-to-DVD war thriller, Jarhead: The Siege, will precede what looks like another impending partnership between Kaufman and action star Scott Adkins. As Deadline reports, The Returner will feature Adkins in the role of John Piper, a Prohibition-era speakeasy owner murdered along with his family for defying Al Capone, only to be mysteriously brought back from life with nine lives to spare and a chance to avenge himself and his family.

Nope, not a remake of Yamakazi Takashi's 2002 sci-fi buddy epic of the same name if that's what you thought, but still offers a punch packworthy for action fans with Adkins headlining. Producing are Courtney Lauren Penn and Brandon Burrows of Boundless Pictures via their Firebrand label, along with Close Range co-writer Chad Law who also scripted the film. Forthcoming for Adkins are his appearances this month in Ariel Vromen's Kevin Costner thriller, Criminal, James Nunn's The Eliminator, Roel Reine's Hard Target 2, Marvel's Doctor Strange in November, and his long-awaited return to the fight arena in Boyka: Undisputed with a date still pending.


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