SAMURAI HUSTLE 2 Gets A New Teaser!

The antics continue this September in director Motoki Katsuhide's latest, Samurai Hustle 2. The new film sequelizes the events following the first film led by actor Kuranosuke Sasaki in a period story that saw his role pulling off a virtually impossible task, and having completed it, one can only guess what other challenges lie ahead in the aftermath.

In the Edo period, there was a system called "Sankin-Kotai" under which feudal lords in the Edo period were required to spend every other year in residence in Edo. Masaatsu NAITO (Kuranosuke SASAKI), who is a head of the small and poor clan, ordered to come to Edo in just four days with his staffs. After pulling through his first mission impossible, he was having a peaceful life. In the meanwhile, however, some opposing shoguns were planning another conspiracy to his clan...
Fukada Kyoko, Ihara Tsuyoshi and Terawaki Yasufumi are among the cast. Watch the new teaser now.


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