Sammo Hung's MY BELOVED BODYGUARD Gets A Thrilling New Trailer

Film multi-hyphenate Sammo Hung will be nobody's fool on April 1 when it comes to laying a pure smackdown, as we've clearly seen him do in footage for the upcoming action thriller, My Beloved Bodyguard. Henceforth, China will have its chance to catch the film on April 1 with further releases pending in Hong Kong and Singapore, the U.S. and so on, and we now have a second trailer that delves further into the intensity of the story and fisticuffs that ensue.

Not selling itself short on starpower though, you get Hung joined by a cast that includes Andy Lau, Hu Jun and Feng Jia-Yi, and a line-up of famous faces that include Yuen Wah, Yuen Biao, Dean Shek, Karl Maka and Tsui Hark to name a few. Of course, in dealing in all the action is Hung who stars as a retired soldier waining from age and dementia as he's forced to rescue a young girl from the clutches of the criminal underworld.

Oddly enough, this trailer also bares its former title, but the latest posters continue to sell the film under its newer, 'Beloved' branding, so it's pretty fair for us to go with that. Check it all out below!

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