Ninja War Erupts In The New Teaser For SANADA TEN BRAVES

Shochiku and Nikkatsu are taking a page or several once more from the Warring States era and transitioning it for the big screen later this year. For this, we look to Makino Nozomi's Nippon TV 60th anniversary stage play, Sanada Ten Braves, one of several iterations of the classic story of ten ninjas in service of samurai warrior Sanada Yukimura in late Sengoku/early Edo Japan.

Next to its play are a fair share of adaptations in games, anime and manga properties that came before. So why the fuss? Well, we now have a new feature film courtesy of 2LDK, 20th Century Boys and Eight Ranger helmer Yukihiko Tsutsumi who co-starred in the play last year with Makino next to actors Nakamura Kankuro and Matsuzaka Tori; Both latter actors are back for their roles along with a bearded Kato Masaya among the new film's larger cast as seen in the new teaser below ahead of the film's September release.


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