Joe Lynch's MAYHEM Casts Steven Yeun And Samara Weaving

Knights Of Badassdom helmer Joe Lynch made a killing back in 2014 with actress Salma Hayek in the contained Yakuza action thriller, Everly. Now he's returning to bring the heat once more in another contribution to the genre, Mayhem from production banners, Circle Of Confusion and Royal Viking Entertainment, and with none other than Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving starring.

Writer Matias Caruso's script will center on Yeun in the role of Derek Saunders, a lawyer framed and wrongfully fired from his job at the behest of a rival co-worker, only to be forced to fight for his job AND his life in his quarantined former workplace in the wake of a virus that compels its victims to act on its most inner impulses. The film marks a first major foray into feature film territory for the I, Origins co-star since starring notably in the hit AMC networks series, The Walking Dead, with Weaving herself appearing in the new STARZ series, Ash vs. Evil Dead and in Monster Trucks which opens in 2017 from Paramount, as well as McG's The Babysitter from Warner Bros.

Via THR's exclusive, Lynch says the following:
“It’s not every day you get to throw action, sci-fi, horror, drama and even satire in the genre blender and hit puree, but Matias’ script, combined with a gung-ho cast and crew — especially Steven and Samara — will make for a deliciously dangerous and exciting cinematic smoothie ... with a hell of a kick.”
Circle of Confusion's Lawrence Mattis and head of production Matt Smith will produce the film with Royal Viking Entertainment’s Sean Sorensen, and Mehrdad Elie next to executive producer Parisa Caviani whose company, Avva Pictures will finance the film.

Filming for Mayhem commences in Belgrade, Serbia later this month.


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