HARDCORE HENRY Delivers A Full First-Person Assault In The New Trailer!

It's about that time again and with director Ilya Naishuller making the rounds this month ahead of the U.S. release of his newest first-person action thriller, Hardcore Henry. It's basically been all the buzz since late last year and I'm purely jealous of everyone else who's seen it in the festivals, so obviously I'll try to make an effort myself to catch this bad boy because it looks so amazing.

Strap in. HARDCORE HENRY is one of the most unflinchingly original wild-rides to hit the big screen in a long time: You remember nothing. Mainly because you’ve just been brought back from the dead by your wife (Haley Bennett). She tells you that your name is Henry. Five minutes later, you are being shot at, your wife has been kidnapped, and you should probably go get her back. Who’s got her? His name’s Akan (Danila Kozlovsky); he’s a powerful warlord with an army of mercenaries, and a plan for world domination. You’re also in an unfamiliar city of Moscow, and everyone wants you dead. Everyone except for a mysterious British fellow called Jimmy (Sharlto Copley). He may be on your side, but you aren’t sure. If you can survive the insanity, and solve the mystery, you might just discover your purpose and the truth behind your identity. Good luck, Henry. You’re likely going to need it…
Chances are you're already hyped up having seen a few TV spots like this in recent memory. At any rate, we now have a new trailer that delivers the ass-kicking goods just as well and you can view it below. April 8 is the date.


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