Grindstone/Lionsgate Releases PAY BACK On DVD And Digital This April

At some point the good folks at Lionsgate managed to snag the rights to director Fu Xi's 2013 action crime thriller, Pay Back. As such, the film is arriving in the U.S. on DVD and Digital HD on April 5 and they've since cut a trailer you can view below featuring Francis Ng and action star Louis Fan.

When mafia fall guy Zhang Jin finally gets released from prison, he's nearly assassinated. In an effort to survive, Zhang becomes entangled in a conspiracy, linking his fate with unlikely allies and turning friends into enemies. Zhang must discover the identity of the assassin before he gets murdered, without plunging himself back into a life of crime.
Also starring are Lam Suet, Deng Ziyi and action veteran Cynthia Khan. Watch the trailer below and pre-order your copy HERE.


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