Go Behind-The-Scenes Of STREET FIGHTER: RESURRECTION In A New Featurette!

If you've managed to contain your sanity up to now in lieu of the forthcoming four-part mini-series, Street Fighter: Resurrection, congratulations! The patients can be pretty waning at times, but thankfully the show makes its go90 mobile app premiere in less than 48 hours and should service a meaty tie-over until further developments are made on Street Fighter: World Warrior.

Joey Ansah sits at the helm following Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist for this newest venture seuging from the most recent game release, Street Fighter V. Making their return are actors Christian Howard and Mike Moh in the good company of the latest live-action incarnations of characters Charlie Nash played by Alain Moussi and Natascha Hopkins as Laura Matsuda, of which all four can now be seen speaking about the series in the new behind the scenes featurett below.

Check it out and keep your eyes peeled!


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