Derek Yee's SWORD MASTER 3D Gets A Glossy New Teaser!

Two years since actor-turned-director Derek Yee took the helm for the latest three 3D offering, Sword Master 3D, we now have a stunning new trailer that graciously bolsters with enough visuals to catch the eye. For all these efforts and more, we have actors Kenny Lin and Peter Ho joining in to lead the time-honored story based on late Hong Kong author Gu Long whose work inspired Yee's then-lead starpower in the original Shaw Brothers production, Death Duel.

Lin and Ho lead the way for a story involving a swordsman whose past catches up to him after he fakes his own death to escape the underworld, forcing back into the martial world to face a formidable foe. Yee wrote the script with Crime Story and Bodyguards And Assassins scribe Chun Tin-Nam, and producer Tsui Hark who previously directed Lin in the 2014 holiday hit, The Taking Of Tiger Mountain, and while surely this particular title wasn't without its fair share of controversy among fans critical of remakes during production, the newest teaser this week certainly makes a worthy case.

Peep it.


  1. Nice surprise quality trailer! It's definitely CGI heavy & a bit unrealistic looking, but it also has a captivating and somewhat unique vibe about it & now I really want to see this :) Thanks for the share!


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