Death Awaits In The New Official Trailer For FIGHT VALLEY

Not gonna lie, I rarely follow MMA, point in fact, I sleep more than anything on weekend nights, although clearly Saturday night was much more lively for fans of Miesha Tate after taking Holly Holm's title at UFC 196. Yes, egos are bruised a bit this weekend and fittingly, it's just the kind of fight fervor that filmmaker Rob Hawk relies on.

Hence, get ready to catch Tate and Holm on the set of the the new MMA revenge drama, Fight Valley following its production last year. Both are making their screen debut next to actress Susie Celek and Strikeforce champion Cristiane "Cyborg" Justiano, all of whom can now be seen in the latest official trailer from Breaking Glass Pictures. The film arrives this summer while a date remains pending.


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