Daniel Govia's NEON NIGHTS: RISE OF THE TRIAD UNDERWORLD Boasts Action And Thrills In The New Pitch Trailer

The film community in Canada is not far different from that of its counterparts in the world beholden to a demand for more action films and shows. In observation of this, we now exhibit director Daniel Govia in the wake of his newest prospect from Magic Button Films, Neon Nights: Rise Of The Triad Underworld, for which a trailer is now going viral.
Drew returns to Jade Town after disappearing over 10 years ago to solve the mystery of his father's murder. 
Featuring high-octane action, a stellar cast with credits from SUICIDE SQUAD, HEROES REBORN, SHADOWHUNTERS and DARK MATTER, and stunt choreography from the company responsible for PACIFIC RIM, TOTAL RECALL, X-MEN and much more. Neon Nights will feature some of the best action sequences you have ever seen onscreen. 
The trailer is only the first step in Govia's hopeful appeal to Canada's Independent Production Fund for the necessary financing for a feature film or TV series. That said, with some of the content I've observed in my time, this one certainly looks and almost feels the part, and with enough amount of support, Neon Nights can truly see the light of day as yet another fine property for the martial arts cinema fanbase.

Consider this another golden opportunity to help support the very people sustaining the genre today. Share the trailer with friends and follow the page on Facebook!


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